Submersible Sensor For Hydrostatic Level Measurement And Ultrasonic Sensor

SUBMERSIBLE SENSOR FOR HYDROSTATIC LEVEL MEASUREMENT AND ULTRASONIC SENSOR Among the types of continuous water level sensors, the hydrostatic pressure continuous level sensor has the lowest cost and is quite easy to install and use. Continuous water level sensor by hydrostatic pressure method has the same principle as differential pressure water level sensor. There is

Application Of Continuos Water Supple For Linear Control valve

APPLICATION OF CONTINUOUS WATER SUPPLY FOR LINEAR CONTROL VALVE Principle of operation of the continuous water supply system for the boiler: For boilers with a capacity of less than 5 ton/h We only need a water pump to fill the boiler with water, but for boilers with a capacity of over 5 ton/h, we need

Applications Of Capacity Sensor In The Brick Factory

APPLICATIONS OF CAPACITY SENSOR IN THE BRICK FACTORY Inquiry from brick manufacturer Measure the material in the raw material tank. Consolidation of heterogeneous forms: consolidation of stone powder, ash and slag from power plants, sand, iron and steel, industrial solids, construction … The environment is exposed to a lot of dirt and impurities Temperature at

Solutions Measurement Pressure Control

SOLUTIONS MEASUREMENT PRESSURE CONTROL The air compressor is responsible for sucking the air out of the environment and then compressing it and putting it into the storage tanks and transmitting it to the places where it needs to be used, such as cleaning dust, operating mechanism-moving like a robot or sources of control for screw-drivers,…